High Altitude Trampoline Park


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We’re are an independent family run business based on Whiffler Road, Norwich. We opened our doors on 25th July 2015 to hundreds of excited youngsters and have not looked back since.

Our mission: Is to work with the local community to provide a FUN, SAFE and HEALTHY and INCLUSIVE environment for families to enjoy, no matter age or ability.

It’s about MORE than trampolining.

We work really hard to ensure that the park has much more to offer than just leaping around on trampolines, we have a strong school programme which is designed to encourage children to step away from the I-Pad and engage in an active and fun session and we offer dedicated fitness sessions to help everyone get fitter and healthier. Did you know that you can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour on the trampolines?

The HA Crew

Our staff mean a lot to us, without all of their hard work and dedication we can’t do what we do We invest in their training to ensure that they are fully prepped on how to provide the best experience in the park no matter your needs.

Most are basic first aid trained, and several have completed further training including paediatric first aid. We are excited to announce that we have just completed Rebound Therapy training and are developing dedicated sessions for our special and complex needs customers going forward.

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We take your safety seriously.High Altitude Safety

At High Altitude your safety is our number one priority, as well as ensuring you are all having fun! But bouncing on trampolines is categorised as extreme sport and can be dangerous. As such, it is really important for all participants to understand the risks and to follow set rules, safety guidelines and bounce within their own ability. Our rules and guidelines are designed to minimise risk of injury of both yourself and others. You will see our rules displayed near to the bounce area, as well as being told about them in our safety briefing before you bounce.

High Altitude court monitors will also be ensuring that the rules are adhered to in the arena. High Altitude operates a yellow and red card system. Any participant endangering themselves or others will be given a yellow card and an appropriate warning. Any subsequent offending behaviour will result in the participant being given a red card, where they will be sent off the bounce area and not allowed to return to any session that day. If an action is considered extremely dangerous our High Altitude monitors reserve the right to issue an immediate red card. Our monitors decision will be final.

We want all of our bouncers to have fantastic, fun filled experience and leave feeling exhilarated! We therefore do everything we can to reduce the risk of injuries associated with trampolining. We have designed a highly robust bounce area structure and had it independently tested. We train our staff to the highest standards and will continually research the market to always ensure we continue to use the best quality equipment. As well as our scheduled maintenance program, properly trained staff perform both daily and weekly checks on all equipment to ensure safety.

We ask that all participants over the age of 16 years complete a waiver form before entering the bounce area, A parent or guardian must complete a waiver form for any participants under the age of 16 years. Please note that you may be asked to provide valid photo ID on entry. Waivers must be filled out completely & correctly with all information required in order for them to be valid and allow bounce area access.

Unfortunately there are NO EXCEPTIONS! to the rules NO waiver = NO bouncing


  1. All class attendees must fill out a par Q before exercise takes place
  2. Everyone must wear the appropriate clothing – gym wear
  3. The main court is booked out for every session
  4. No push chairs allowed on court
  5. Ladies must be at least 12 weeks post natal before joining in the fitness classes
  6. See timetable for session times
  7. Viking Fitness & Victoria Toone –  participants from 8 years and above (children are given adaptation exercises and must be accompanied by an adult)
  8. UpBeat class – participants from 15 years and above (15 year olds to be accompanied by an adult). No crèche facilities for this session.
  9. Viking Insanity – Thursday 7pm. No crèche facilities for this session.
  10. Viking Insanity – Saturday 9am. Creche facilities available.
  11. Bounce & Tone – Creche facilities available.
  12. Crèche rules: babies to 7 years old will be in the contained dodgeball court. Bouncing in the main arena is prohibited during fitness. Over 7’s can be in the café or viewing gallery and will not be charged.
  13. Risk Assessment completed for this session