5 Reasons to Visit High Altitude Trampoline Park This Summer

It’s official – Summer 2023 is finally here. Now that we’ve got beaming sunshine and clear blue skies to look forward to, it’s time for the whole family to get involved in some active fun, and High Altitude is the place to do just that. 

There are so many reasons to visit a trampoline park in summer. But for this blog, we’re giving our top 5 reasons to visit us, the best value trampoline park in Norfolk. So strap yourselves in for some summer trampoline park fun. 


Trampoline Park Summer Special: The Summer Pass 

The High Altitude Summer Pass is one of our favourite things to look forward to every year. Why’s that? Because this trampoline park summer special offer allows you, our friends – who love to visit us time and time again – to bounce more for less. 

Purchasing a Summer Pass means you pay a one-time fee of just £24.99 to enjoy unlimited bouncing at our trampoline park all summer long (July 24th 2023 to September 5th 2023). The only rule is that you’re limited to one session per day – so use your pass wisely!

In today’s world, parents have to be careful with the money they spend; this is what makes the Summer Pass so great – spend just a small amount of cash to enjoy summer at a trampoline park every day. 

If you break it down, £24.99 for the whole summer works out to just £0.58 per day!


Summer Trampoline Park Attractions: Inflatables at High Altitude 

Have you had a chance to have a go on the brand-new inflatables at High Altitude? They’re a massive hit with our jumpers. Our huge inflatable assault course is one of those family-friendly trampoline park summer activities that you simply can’t miss out on. 

And here’s why:

  • The inflatables consist of bish bash pillars, balance tops, super slides, and climbing steps 
  • You can bounce on the inflatables at no extra cost – included with any bounce session 
  • All ages are welcome on the inflatables, so get the whole family involved 
  • There’s so much room for everyone to enjoy a turn on the wacky inflatables 

Here at High Altitude, the inflatables are just one of many summer trampoline park attractions we have to offer. 


Beat the Heat at a Trampoline Park

Yeah, summer is great and all, but sometimes that heat sure can get to ya. This is why you’ll be pleased to know that we have full air conditioning at our trampoline park, so escape the sun by visiting our cool, air-conditioned, indoor trampoline park. 

You can also beat the heat at our trampoline park by visiting our on-site café where a whole host of chilled beverages are waiting, alongside our popular slushies machine!


Summer Trampoline Park Adventures For All Ages 

Our trampoline park is for everyone! Now we know what you may be thinking, ‘With people of all different ages on the trampolines, won’t someone get hurt?’. Hey, we hear ya – that’s why, at High Altitude, we run dedicated sessions for different ages. 

Here, we have different sessions to suit different age brackets, these sessions include:

  • Freestyle – during this session, the court and amenities are open to those over the age of four 
  • Parent and Toddler – during these sessions, the whole court and amenities are reserved for toddlers (kids aged 5 and under) and parents only
  • Under 10 – during this session, everyone under the age of 10 is allowed on the court
  • SEN – these sessions are reserved for those of all ages with special educational needs

Now you know who can bounce during which session, head over to our timetable to find the ideal slot for endless summer trampoline park excitement.

*For summer holiday booking, make sure you’re looking at the ‘Half Term (Holidays)’ timetable. 


Our Incredible Staff Make Summer Fun 

One of the main reasons to visit our trampoline park this summer is the wonderful team we have at our park. These guys and girls bring the summer vibes to High Altitude every year.

When they’re not taking part in the summer trampoline park fun, they’re busy making sure all of our sessions run smoothly, keeping everyone safe when they bounce with us, and serving up delicious treats in our café.

We know that each and every one of our team members cannot wait to see you all walk through our doors this summer. 


One Last Thing 

Our regular jumpers know that High Altitude is the place to be for family-friendly trampoline park summer activities, and hopefully now you do too. 

As we mentioned before, there are multiple reasons to visit a trampoline park in summer, but it’s the stuff we’ve covered above – coupled with the fact that we’re the best value for money trampoline park in Norfolk – that makes High Altitude the clear choice for a dollop of summer trampoline park excitement.