5 Unique Kids Birthday Party Ideas in Norfolk

Are there any venues in Norfolk that offer unique kids’ birthday party experiences? Yes, there are multiple venues all over Norfolk that offer a unique birthday party experience for children. Such as High Altitude.

To prove it to you, we wanted to put together this blog of our five favourite kids’ birthday party ideas in Norfolk.


1. High Altitude Trampoline Park Sleepover Birthday Party

You didn’t think we weren’t going to include ourselves in this list, did you?

Well, as it turns out, we actually have big news in the parties department. If you didn’t already know, we recently launched Sleepover Parties! This takes your regular trampoline park birthday party to new heights.

Originally, this special party offering in Norwich was reserved for uniformed organisations and sports groups only. But now everyone can enjoy a sleepover at High Altitude. And take it from us, this is a birthday party like no other.

As the clock strikes 7pm on someone’s special day, our trampoline park in Norwich turns into one big slumber party that’s reserved for the birthday boy/girl and all their guests.

So, how does a typical trampoline park sleepover party go? Here’s the lowdown:

  • The party has started – As we mentioned, your party will start at 7pm. The whole trampoline park will be reserved for just you and your friends. Also, bring your own music or we can DJ for you.


  • One hour of bouncing – First up, all of you get to enjoy one hour of bouncing on the trampolines, taking on the inflatables, and enjoying a turn on all of our other amenities.


  • Time for dinner – Now that you’ve worked up an appetite, it’s time to tuck into some food. Which you will have pre-chosen from our party menu.

  • Home cinema – Is any sleepover complete without a movie? Yeah, we don’t think so either. Enjoy watching a movie with yummy hot chocolate. 


  • Bedtime – After the movie, it’s time for bed. Each child will find themselves a trampoline and get comfortable with their own bedding that was brought with them. 

  • Rise and shine – In the morning, there’s no better way to wake up than with a cheeky hour-long bounce session, so get bouncing!


  • Breakfast to start the day – As we already know, jumping on our trampoline court is hungry work. Take a seat and tuck into a hearty breakfast. 


  • Home time – Lastly, to end this awesome birthday party, we say our goodbyes and everyone heads off home with some incredible memories.

We’d say this is a pretty unique kids’ birthday party idea.

And for parents’ peace of mind, all our staff are DBS checked, so you know your kids are safe spending the night at High Altitude.

For more information on sleepover parties at High Altitude or to book one for your children, visit our website by clicking here.


2. Escape Room Kids Birthday Party

If your child wants to experience something thrilling on their birthday, you could bring them along to an escape room.

An escape room works by first locking a group of people in a room. Then, the group will have to solve clues to escape. And kids can take part too.

Escape rooms make for a unique birthday party idea for kids. Because in this activity, partygoers will have to work together and use their intelligence to succeed.

Is this suitable for children? Yes. There are plenty of escape rooms that are PG-rated, allowing kids who are 8 years old or older to join in the adrenaline-pumping fun. Under-16s will need to be accompanied by a paying adult over the age of 18.  

This birthday party idea is perfect for children and teens who want to escape boring experiences and dive headfirst into a puzzling and rewarding adventure. To enjoy this unique birthday party idea in Norwich, visit Escape Hunt.


3. Animal Lover Birthday Party for Kids 

This kid’s birthday party idea is great for animal lovers. And no we’re not talking about the zoo.

In the UK, there are so many amazing animal experiences that are ideal for children’s birthday parties. Especially if your young one is an animal lover.

One idea we love for a unique kids’ birthday party in Norfolk is to visit a farm that offers animal experiences. At these experiences, children can interact, pet, and play with all kinds of animals.

One example is Snettisham Park, a 329-acre farm in Snettisham.

This working farm is well known and loved by locals and others all over Norfolk. Their Deer Safari – an experience that allows guest to meet the deer up close via a tractor and trailer – has become one of their most beloved attractions.


4. Roller Skating Kids Birthday Party 

Lastly on our list of unique birthday party ideas is roller skating!

Roller skating is a great activity for a child’s birthday party and it’s something different. Even if partygoers haven’t skated before, quad roller skates are relatively easy to get the hang of. Just make sure you’re protected with the appropriate gear.

To pull off this birthday party idea, you could hire out some skates for the day or bring your own and head to the local skate park. Or there is probably a local venue near you that has an indoor roller skating area.

If you’re looking for unique birthday party venues in Norfolk, then you could visit Funkys. They have a massive indoor roller skating floor that’s perfect for all abilities.


5. Crazy Golf Kids Birthday Party

Who doesn’t love a round of crazy golf?

What we love about crazy golf is the imagination behind the courses. Whichever crazy golf location you visit, you can bet you’ll see some crazy, cool and bizarre course designs, which is what makes crazy golf so fun.

Most crazy golf venues will have a café or restaurant on-site, meaning after your round of crazy golf, partygoers can enjoy a birthday meal and maybe even a slice of cake!

For a unique kids’ birthday party in Norwich, visit Putt Putt Noodle. They offer multiple crazy golf courses that are beautifully decorated and individually themed. Take on the Dragon Quest course for a fiery adventure along the Great Wall of China, or play a relaxed game on the Cherry Blossom course with pretty fountains and streams.