Encourage Your Kids to Be Active With Our Help

A common concern from parents nowadays is whether or not their children are getting enough exercise. We all know how important it is to keep active, especially for children, but that is easier said than done, or so it seems.

As a local trampoline park, we know what positive effects being active has on children. That being said, kids often have different ideas of how to spend their time in this digital age.


Why It’s Difficult for Kids to Be Active

As we said, this truly is the digital age and growing up in today’s world means less playing at the park and more sitting in front of the TV.

Have you ever experienced frustration towards your child when they have spent the whole day inside? Back in your childhood years, you were always outside, playing with friends in the fresh air.

Kids today have something that you may not have had, and that’s more reasons to stay inside. Reasons like:

  • Video games
  • So many television channels
  • Streaming services
  • Social media
  • Direct messaging

And that’s just to name a few!

How High Altitude Can Help Get Kids Active

You have probably heard that trampolining is a wonderful source of exercise for adults and children, and that is 100% true.

What makes trampolining so effective at keeping kids fit, is that it is a fun activity to do – while bouncing, kids don’t even realise that they are undertaking a great amount of exercise.

So why is trampolining so beneficial to children in terms of health and fitness?

  • Some studies suggest that spending just ten minutes bouncing on a trampoline is nearly equivalent to thirty minutes spent running
  • Trampolining helps promote a healthier cardiovascular system
  • While jumping, playing and bouncing on trampolines, a child’s heart rate is increased – this leads to strengthened muscles and improved cardio
  • A child’s flexibility is enhanced with trampolining
  • This fun activity will lead to better posture for a child
  • With trampolining, coordination is also improved, which is great for kids and toddlers

If you ever needed another reason to visit our indoor trampoline park, this is it!

What if Your Child Has Special Educational Needs?

At High Altitude Trampoline Park Norwich, everyone is welcome and that includes children with special educational needs.

We run dedicated SEN trampoline park sessions. In these sessions, we create a quieter and calmer atmosphere in comparison to our other sessions. This creates an ideal setting for SEN children to have fun and get active at the same time.

Trampolining promotes essential whole-body movement and encourages fundamental skills like balance.

Courtesy of our amazing trampoline park staff, your child with complex needs will also benefit from learning how to follow instructions and focus.


Affordable Activity for Children 

Not only is right now a difficult time to encourage your kids to get active, but it is also a challenge to get the whole family out of the house for the day to enjoy some active fun without splashing the cash.

This is one of the many reasons why we have pledged to be the best value-for-money trampoline park in Norfolk with our low and competitive trampoline park prices.

While your kids jump, play and exercise on the trampolines, you can be sitting with your feet up in our café, which has a great view of the whole trampoline court.

We are also proud to be a toddler trampoline park. Like SEN sessions, we run dedicated sessions for toddlers and parents, so your little ones can also benefit from some enjoyable exercise. It’s so important to us to be a trampoline park for toddlers and older children alike.


How Does Trampolining Make It Possible for My Child to Meet the Recommended Levels of Physical Activity? 

It is recommended that children aged six to seventeen, should perform one hour or more of physical activity on a daily basis.

Between school, work and a busy home life, how is it possible to achieve the above?

It’s important to remember that many physical activities and sports include more than just one type of activity. Finding an activity that your child enjoys that also allows them to complete several types of physical activity at once means they can reach that recommendation.

Take trampolining, for example. While bouncing, a child is performing a muscle-strengthening activity, while also getting in a burst of cardio. That’s two benefits for the price of one.

Some other examples of similar activities that can achieve the same outcome are gymnastics, football, basketball, swimming and there are so many others.


One More Thing 

There’s nothing we love more than seeing kids enjoy themselves while trampolining because we know that while they’re doing so, they’re also getting in a good chunk of daily exercise.

Now you know how great trampolining can be for your children’s health, will we be seeing you here soon? Check out our timetable to find the best session for your child and come on down!