Mother’s Day is one of our favourite times of the year, and so we felt inspired to write this blog post which is all about mums! More specifically, we want to share how families can celebrate mum with active fun for mums and kids at High Altitude Trampoline Park in Norwich.


Celebrate Mum with Active Fun at High Altitude 

As a local trampoline park, we’re lucky enough to meet some amazing mums all year round. And it’s true what they say about mums – they do so much for us, like treating their kids to a bounce at our park. 

But trampolines aren’t just for kids, mums can also join in with the enriching fun that a trampoline park provides – there certainly is enough to go around. With that in mind, join us as we unravel the excitement that awaits mums and the rest of the family at High Altitude, and why this should be Mum’s next unique family outing in Norfolk. 


Bonding Through Play: Mother and Toddler Sessions

Okay, you got us! Usually, this Tots session is known as ‘Parent and Toddler’, but this is a blog for mums, remember? So, we’re bending the rules slightly as we introduce you to Mother and Toddler sessions at High Altitude. 

These sessions make for ideal things to do with toddlers in Norfolk if you’re a mum with a little one aged 5 or under. At these sessions, our huge trampoline court and other amenities, are reserved for toddlers and mums/parents only. 

Can toddlers jump at trampoline parks? Of course, they can. At High Altitude, during a tots session, little ones can bounce, crawl and interact with the fun environment around them. Toddler free play is so important, and when Mum can join in with the experience, it’s even better!

With no bigger kids on the court, this is a safe and calm environment for mums to partake in some quality bonding time with their little munchkins. 

When do these sessions take place? During half term, you can come and join a Mother/Parent and Toddler session on a Saturday or Sunday from 9am-10am. Or come and see us during term time also on a Saturday or Sunday from 9am-10am, as well as Tuesdays from 1pm-2pm.


Mums Deserve Fun Too

We know all of you mums reading this are probably overdue for a relaxing spa session including an all-over massage. While that does sound lovely, we had a different idea in mind. After all, some mums prefer to get stuck in and join in with exciting family bonding activities, such as a visit to the trampoline park!

If you’re a mum who would like to show the kids how it’s done, roll up your jump socks and join us during one of our Freestyle trampoline sessions

The Freestyle sessions at High Altitude are the epitome of active fun for mums and kids. That’s because anyone over the age of 4 is free to bounce on our trampoline court during these sessions. Yes, that includes the inflatable assault course. So if you’re searching for family bonding activities in Norfolk that every member of the family can join in with, then a Freestyle session is perfect for you. 

To find out when these sessions take place, head over to our website’s timetable.  


Time To Relax While the Kids Play

We know this blog is all about active fun for mums and kids in Norfolk, but sometimes what Mum wants most is some time to relax while the kids burn off all of that energy. Like many things, relaxing also comes easy at High Altitude. 

With the Altitude Café (our on-site café), mums can let the children loose on the trampolines and then find themselves a seat with a hot cup of coffee. Here, you have a great view of the trampoline court to keep an eye on the kids, though you don’t need to worry, we take safety seriously at our park. As well as hot drinks, you can purchase cold drinks, slushies, cakes, crisps, other treats, and even pizza!


So Much Active Fun for Mums and Kids: Not Just Trampolines

There’s so much going on at our Norfolk trampoline park. As well as the hundreds of trampolines on the court, we also have:

  • A huge inflatables area (free to use during all bounce sessions)
  • A massive airbag with a trampoline launchpad 
  • Trampoline basketball hoops 
  • A soft play area that is perfect for toddlers 

So if you’re a mum who wants to join in the active fun with the kiddos, there’s plenty here to keep you entertained. Equally, if you simply want to take a load off and relax, there are so many fun things at the park to keep the kids occupied and burn off that crazy energy. 


Brilliant Exercise for Mums and Kids

One of the best parts about providing active fun for mums and kids is that we also get to promote a healthy family bonding activity in Norfolk. Taking a moment to relax is all well and good, and sometimes, it’s really needed, but it’s also great to get up and get moving with some family fun which is also brilliant exercise for mums and kids.  


We know that trampolining is a great exercise for kids, and the same is true for mums – especially busy mums who may not have much time to get active. Between work, home life and entertaining the kids it can be difficult for mums to stay active. Yet, with a trampoline park, you get a two-for-one deal – provide some active fun for the kids and get some healthy bouncing in for yourself. 


There’s also a magnificent social aspect for mums at High Altitude as well. If you’re a couple of mums who would love an opportunity to catch up, then a trip to our local trampoline park in Norfolk could be a perfect idea. While the kids play on the trampolines, you can pull up a chair in our café and catch up with that friend in peace. 


Celebrating Mums in Norfolk All-Year-Round

This blog was indeed inspired by Mother’s Day. And while we love celebrating Mother’s Day, we also believe that mums – along with dads, grandparents and carers – should be celebrated every day! So if this blog has helped you decide it’s time for some active fun for mum and the kids, don’t wait until Mother’s Day to treat mum, treat her anyway, she deserves it. 


How To Plan a Fun Day Out With Kids in Norfolk?

Book your next unique family outing in Norfolk with High Altitude trampoline park. Booking a bounce session at our park is super simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Head over to 
  2. Navigate our website to find the trampoline session that suits your family best. Choose from Over 4s sessions, Tots sessions or SEN sessions
  3. Check out the timetable to see when your desired session is happening 
  4. Hit the green BOOK NOW button at the top of the page and select the session you want to book 
  5. Follow the steps on the screen and finalise your booking 
  6. You’ll receive an email confirmation and we will see you on the day of your session 

Remember, High Altitude also hosts birthday parties, exclusive hire options, and sleepovers!