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We’re High Altitude Trampoline Park and we would like to let you into a little secret…

Children are more likely to maintain a healthy lifestyle when it is made fun for them. Luckily we find the FUN bit really easy. So how much physical activity do children and young people aged 5-18 need to keep healthy?

The NHS says: To maintain a basic level of health, children and young people aged 5 to 18 should be encouraged to do:

  • At least 60 minutes of physical activity every day – this should range from moderate activity, such as cycling and playground activities, to vigorous activity, such as running and tennis
  • On three days a week, these activities should involve strength training, such as push-ups, and exercise for string bones, such as jumping and running

School Groups

When children are active their bodies can do the things they want and need them to do, physically active children are more likely to be alert, academically motivated and successful.

After School Clubs

We will work with you to design sessions, suitable for all abilities which will encourage more of them to take up sport and increase participation resulting in healthier and happier children.

Reward Trips

When planning a reward trip talk to us and together we will design a session which is physically inclusive and fun for everyone. As participant abilities improve, the session works them harder.


Healthy Heart and Healthy Mind

Ready to jumpstart their journey towards healthier living?

Kids Trampoline Party

Schools have a responsibility to offer a programme of Physical Education which includes enough competitive schools sports for young people who want to take part as well as activities which will meet the needs of your less active pupils.

Jumping High

Sedentary lifestyles impact children negatively both physically and mentally. Get your school jumping and bouncing around to promote blood flow and provide mental and physical stimulation in a safe environment.

Special Needs Party

Using trampolines is a healthy way to keep children entertained. The trampolines promote whole body movement and balance while the High Altitude team encourage participants to follow directions and focus their attention.

After School Clubs

Is your School within 3 miles of High Altitude Trampoline Park?

Get involved with TechNO. 3.30pm-5pm Monday – Friday 

Aimed at Primary School children aged 7-11 TechNO is a fun-filled session designed to encourage children to have a solid hour of physical activity and a much-needed gadget break.

TechNO Trampoline Sessions include the following fun activities: Addictive relay races, Bullseye Bouncing, Capture the flag, and Protect the President.


All activities have been created to help improve base skills, including:

  • Listening
  • Balance & Co-Ordination
  • Risk Tasking
  • Problem Solving
  • Confidence Building
  • Communication
  • Social Interaction
trampoline after school club

Activity and Reward Trips

Children deserve to be rewarded for hard work, for effort, for good behaviour, for being children and for the adults they will become.

When planning a reward trip talk to us and together we will design a session which is physically inclusive and fun for everyone.

The session can be structured to include particular activities or you can let children do what they do best and use their imagination and create their own fun.

You can pre-order lunches for this session or bring your own. You will have a dedicated party area to use as you wish, an assembly, a presentation of perhaps a student free zone so teachers can take a breather from an excitable group.

What's on Offer?

  • 1 or 2 Hour Jump Sessions
  • Refreshments Included
  • Structured Dodgeball Tournament
  • Games Arranged on Court
  • Active Fun!
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special needs day out norfolk

SEND Sessions

School trips are a powerful and positive teaching tool. They help enhance social, personal and emotional development. Extra stimulation in new environments is especially beneficial to SEND pupils and can help improve gross motor skills.

Traditional learning methods are often difficult for children with Autism and ADHD, trampolining offers these children a fun and safe environment where they can combine intellectual development with fun activity.

We offer 3 dedicated SEND sessions led by our experienced team. A session which is only for individuals with special needs, a session which allows siblings to bounce too, or for children with more complex emotional and physical needs a dedicated Rebound Therapy short course.

What Makes These Sessions Different?

  • Number of participants is reduced
  • Whistles are not used on the court
  • Verbal safety briefing and picture cards
  • Music is turned down
  • Carer is FREE of charge
  • Carer must be over 18

Staff Wellbeing

Did we mention that children are more likely to maintain a healthy lifestyle when it is made fun for them?

Well, the same applies to you, play is just as important for adults as it is for children! Plus, exercise is essential for slowing age-related cognitive decline and promote well-being. And you’ll find it much easier to convince children to live a healthy lifestyle when they see you living one yourself.

Our de-stress sessions are designed to encourage team bonding, movement and laughter. Laughing can be compared to a mild work out, it exercises the muscles, gets the blood flowing, decreases blood pressure and stress hormones and improves sleep patterns and boosts the immune system. With all those positive mood-enhancing chemicals being released its impossible to not have fun and feel energised.

We understand not everyone will be keen to get physical on the trampolines, but don’t worry we have less intensive challenges suitable for everyone.

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