Book an Awesome Trampoline Park Birthday Party for Your Child in 2024

Yippee, the new year is finally here and that means a fresh round of birthdays are on the way. However early or late your child’s birthday is in the year, it’s never too early to start thinking about a trampoline park birthday party

Parents know how the years can fly by when you have younger children. And before you know it, their next birthday is here. 

If your child has never experienced the thrill and excitement of a trampoline park birthday party, then they’re really missing out. Why’s that? Well, luckily for you, this blog is going to tell you exactly why. So strap in, sit back, and discover one of the most unique kids’ birthday party ideas ever!

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Why Should You Book a Trampoline Park Birthday Party?

Firstly, it’s worth repeating something we’ve already said, and that’s how a trampoline party is such a unique idea for a birthday party in 2024. In a world where everything has been said and done, parents want to seek and find more unique and, somewhat, outlandish birthday party ideas for their kids. 

See, when you throw a party that’s a little bit different to the norm, it becomes so much more memorable. Your young child will always remember the birthday party they had at High Altitude

We would need a whole lot of fingers to count how many birthday parties we’ve thrown at our trampoline park. With so many boys and girls celebrating their big day with us, the many little ones who have experienced a trampoline park birthday party are always left wanting more. 

As for the parents, not only are they glad to have thrown such a hit of a party that is both fun and something different, but they also love the value for money. 

If you want to throw an epic party that will go down in history as the best party ever, then a trampoline park birthday party is right on the money. 

Different Ways to Party at a Trampoline Park 

At High Altitude, there is more than one way to celebrate a birthday. So let’s run through the options you could choose from. 

Trampoline Park Sleepover Party 

With this trampoline park private party, not only do you get to celebrate a birthday with all of your friends on a huge trampoline court, but you also get to enjoy a sleepover.

What’s that? Where would you sleep during a trampoline park sleepover party? On the trampolines, of course! Yep, we’ve taken the standard slumber party and elevated it to new heights. 

If you haven’t read our ultimate guide to a sleepover party, you can check it out to find out everything you can expect at one of these exclusive trampoline parties. 

For now, here’s a quick rundown: 

  • The birthday boy/girl and all of their guests will arrive at 7pm 
  • The party will consist of lots of bouncing, a yummy meal, and a movie
  • At night time, it’s time to find a trampoline and get all cosy 
  • Wake up with more bouncing and then it’s home time

If you want to throw a party for your child that is even more unique, then this party option is for you. 

Classic Trampoline Park Birthday Party

A classic trampoline park party is just what you’d expect – lots of bouncing and birthday celebrations. 

What’s different about this party type is that it can take place at any time depending on what trampoline sessions are running. Instead of hiring out the whole trampoline park, a classic birthday party takes place during a relevant trampoline session. 

For example, if your child and party guests are aged over four years old, the party could take place during a Freestyle session that is for over 4s only. 

Your party group will get to enjoy the trampoline court with other children who are of a similar age. And when it’s time for food and cake, head over to your designated party area which is for party bouncers only. 

With High Altitude, everybody can take part in a trampoline park birthday party. Take a look at the different variations of a classic party:

Exclusive Hire: Trampoline Park Private Party

Think of this party option as a mix of both of the above party options. If you want to hire out the whole court for your party jumpers, but don’t want to spend the night with a sleepover, you can do it this way instead. 

An exclusive hire trampoline park party could take place during one of the ‘Exclusive Parties and Group Bookings’ on our Timetable

Trampoline Park Birthday Party FAQs

Well since we’re talking so much about them, we may as well take some time to answer some common questions we have received regarding birthday parties at High Altitude. 

What Should You Wear to a Trampoline Park Birthday Party?

You should wear the same clothing you would wear to a normal trampoline park session. We advise wearing athletic clothing that has some stretch to it. Some great ideas are tracksuit bottoms, sports tops, stretchy shorts, or skirts with leggings. 

How do Trampoline Park Birthday Party Invitations Work?

As part of your party package, we will provide you with downloadable party invites that you can send to all of your friends digitally! Each trampoline park birthday party invitation also includes valuable information for your guests to keep in mind.

Who Arranges the Trampoline Park Birthday Cake 

Parents, this one is up to you. It’s not because we don’t care about the cake or we can’t be bothered. We like to leave this up to you so that you can provide a personalised cake that your child will love. After all, you know them best!

Can I Have a Themed Trampoline Park Birthday Party 

Of course you can. Just let us know beforehand what you would like the theme to be and we will help out as best as we can. However, you’ll likely find that a theme isn’t so important when you have a whole trampoline park with inflatables at your disposal. 

How Much Is a Trampoline Park Birthday Party 

We can’t speak for all trampoline parks, but at High Altitude, we are committed to being the best value-for-money trampoline park around. 

How much your party costs will depend on what type of party you book. Take a look at the prices here: (Prices are accurate at the time of writing)

  • Trampoline park sleepover party – £32 per person 
  • Exclusive hire trampoline park birthday party – £18 per person 
  • Over 4s classic party – starts at £16.95 per person
  • Tots classic party – starts at £12.95 per toddler 
  • SEN classic party – starts at £16.95 per person 
  • Under 10s classic party – starts at £16.95

One Last Thing

As we’re currently only a few days into January, we bet you have a special someone’s birthday coming up in 2024. So why not book a trampoline park party with us to celebrate? 

We recommend making your party booking in plenty of time. Not just because we love a good plan, but because it’s the best way to guarantee you can book your party on the date you want. 

To book, simply reach out to our team