Benefits of Trampolining

Benefits of Trampolining

Here’s a fact for you – trampolining is amazing. Now, why do we believe that? It’s not just because we are a massive trampoline park and trampolining is what we do, we believe that because trampolining offers so many benefits, especially for children. 

So, when you’re wondering where to take the kids one day, and what activity they could be taking part in, you should be shouting ‘eureka!’ and heading to your nearest trampoline park. 

In this blog, we’re going to be telling you of just some of the healthy benefits trampolining will bring the kids. Let’s get started. 

Excellent Exercise 

Trampolining is renowned as one of the best exercises a child can partake in. The best exercises are the ones that are so fun that you don’t even realise you’re working up a good sweat. 

Did you know that some studies suggest that ten minutes bouncing on a trampoline is nearly equivalent to thirty minutes of running? How amazing is that? This means that with trampolining, while having fun, a child is improving their physical fitness. You may have guessed that this then leads to a healthier cardiovascular system. When bouncing, a child’s heart rate is increased and an increased heart rate strengthens muscles and does wonders for their cardio. 

Other health benefits for your child would include better flexibility, posture and coordination. 

Time to Get Active

A healthy child is a happy child. When we say ‘healthy’ we don’t just mean getting physically fit and exercising regularly. As well as having physical benefits, trampolining also encourages healthy mental benefits for kids. 

Getting active, for anyone, is a great way to boost mood and energy levels and, as we have discussed, trampolining is a fun and highly beneficial activity. Better yet, bouncing at a trampoline park gives children of similar ages the opportunity to socialise and bond with one another. This in turn builds confidence and social skills which are great lessons for children to learn. 

In this modern age where most information and entertainment is accessed via a digital screen, it can sometimes be difficult to drag your child’s eyes and attention away from their digital devices. But with trampolining, there’s no need for a phone, tablet or laptop, just kids having fun in the moment. 

One Last Thing 

Trampolining, in general, is an incredible activity for children. As we have discussed, the list of benefits is, seemingly, never-ending. 

At a trampoline park, such as High Altitude, that list of benefits grows even longer. In the summer, you kids can enjoy bouncing off the walls in a fully air-conditioned park. Also, parents get to enjoy a hot drink or light snack in our café. Kids are sorted for food also with yummy hot and cold meals from our menu.

So, there you have it. As if you didn’t have reason enough to come on down and visit us for a good old bounce. Interested in booking a session for your child? Get in touch with us today, we’d be happy to help.