Bouncing into Brighter Futures: Celebrating International Youth Day at High Altitude

Throughout the year, there are plenty of different awareness days that will take place, and one big one is International Youth Day. 

When is International Youth Day 2023? International Youth Day takes place on Saturday the 12th of August. 

If you haven’t heard of International Youth Day and would like to learn more, then this blog is for you. Also, for those of you local to High Altitude, find out how we are championing the youth of today this International Youth Day in Norfolk. 


International Youth Day 2023

This initiative was started by the United Nations back in 2000 and has been running every year ever since. The goal of this special day is to recognise, acknowledge and celebrate the positive affect today’s youth has on our world.

On this day, we celebrate the young people who do so much good in areas such as community, education and different social projects. Youth Day is also a time to appreciate the challenges and struggles our youth face, and ensure the support and resources they need are accessible to them at all times. 

This year’s International Youth Day theme is ‘Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World’. So this year is about how young people are the key to achieving an environmentally sustainable world. 


How High Altitude Helps Local Young People All-Year-Round 

Primarily, our trampoline park in Norwich is here for young ones, to provide them with a safe and fun environment where they can keep fit with active fun, play with friends and others their own age, develop social skills, and ultimately enjoy the freedom of childhood. 

But we also help out young people in Norfolk by providing jobs and opportunities to them; sometimes, we act as the first step in a young person’s bright future career. 

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As International Youth Day was created to shine a light on the struggles young people face in today’s world, it makes us very proud to be able to do our part for the next generation. 


Why Our Young Team at High Altitude are So Important 

We’ve said time and time again how much we appreciate our staff, especially the younger team members who continue to impress us and our customers. 

If you’re interested in maybe one day doing what we do and want your first job to be with a trampoline park, or if you’re curious about what a trampoline park staff member does, here’s what our team do for our customers:

  • Keeping you safe – our court monitors are the bosses of the trampoline court – they make sure all jumpers are sticking to our rules to ensure a safe bounce session for everyone.
  • Always happy to help – our staff, whether that’s the reception team, party hosts, court monitors, or the kitchen staff, are always eager to help our customers out with anything they may need. 
  • Make us more than a trampoline park – if you hadn’t noticed, we’re more than just a trampoline park thanks to our incredible staff who organise birthday parties, serve up delicious food and drink, and put on spectacular events. 
  • Not afraid to join in the fun – this one is self-explanatory really. Sometimes, we can’t tell who’s having more fun – the staff or the customers?!

In all seriousness, at the end of the day, we’re just so proud of the impact we may have (big or small) on the young people who are part of our great local community. 


One Last Thing 

So if you’re looking for trampoline park jobs in Norfolk, fancying yourself as someone who’s got what it takes to join a team like ours, reach out to us and see if we have a position available for you.

Remember, if we don’t have any opportunities available right now, keep close tabs on our social media to see what positions may become available.