Complex Needs

Complex Needs

A Safe Environment

We welcome children with complex needs any time at High Altitude, but are pleased to offer dedicated timeslots where children or adults of similar abilities can interact and build their confidence away from the busy weekend sessions.

These sessions are autism and complex needs aware, with reduced noise and lighting and sensory material available. Our team are very experienced in knowing the best way to make sure children and adults with special needs enjoy their time in the park, with most being Rebound Therapy qualified too.

Dedicated Session Times

Tuesday 10am, 11am and 12pm (1 hour session) Running again from September 2020
Price: £5pp + 1 free carer.

New Family Session: Saturday 5pm-6pm. Siblings welcome.
Price: £7.95pp + 1 free carer

Dedicated Sessions

Trampoline play is stimulating for children of all abilities, specifically those who need a little extra help developing gross motor skills.  The trampolines promote whole body movement and balance while High Altitude staff teach children to follow directions and focus their attention.

Music activates every subsystem in the brain, including areas that regulate emotion and motivation. We play music throughout the session and find children enjoy expressing themselves. We offer specialist therapeutic Rebound Therapy sessions too; a method used to improve motor skills.

The Benefits

  • Provision of motor sensory experience
  • Helps communication and social interaction
  • Strengthens muscle tone
  • Encourages exercise and strengthens heart
  • Helps improve coordination skills
  • Helps focus, attention and eye contact
  • Fun and enjoyable
  • Improves confidence
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Complex Needs

Rebound Therapy

Rebound Therapy is the phrase that describes the specific Eddy Anderson Model of exercise therapy which uses trampolines to provide opportunities for movement, therapeutic exercise and recreation for people across the whole spectrum of special needs.

What is Rebound Therapy?

Rebound Therapy can provide a huge number of potential benefits. This isn’t gymnastic trampolining, rather a method used to improve motor skills and help to meet other needs. Its main aim is therapeutic and not sporting or competitive, making it perfect for children and adults.

How does Rebound Therapy Work?

Participants are supervised by our team of trained therapists. They take part in both passive and active bouncing in a variety of positions including lying, sitting, kneeling, or standing.

Read what other parents & carers have to say about Rebound Therapy here.

Rebound Therapy

Benefits of Rebound Therapy

Rebound Therapy can provide a huge number of potential benefits & participants can work towards their grade 3 certificate.


  • Provision of sensory-motor experience
  • Improvement of coordination skills
  • Building of confidence/self-esteem
  • Altering and affecting muscle tone
  • Improvement in balance
  • Strengthening
  • Increase in exercise tolerance
  • Improvement of communication skills
  • Provision of social/group participation
  • Opportunities to work on other skills eg attention, education, eye contact etc.
  • Improvement of body and spatial awareness
  • Fun and enjoyment
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Birthday Parties

Complex Needs Parties

Talk to us about your party for a child/children with special/complex needs so we can make the right adjustments for you.

Weekdays (Tues 11am-12pm or 12pm-1pm)
Weekends (Sat & Sun 5pm-6pm)
Minimum of 6 Party People
£14 per Person

Other times may be available – Please contact our team on to discuss your requirements.

Complex Needs Aware

These parties have reduced lighting and noise. Sensory material can be made available and the usual games can be tailored to suit children attending.

Our Rebound Therapy qualified team are very experienced in knowing the best way to make sure children and adults with special needs enjoy their time in the park and have the best party ever!

Party Pack

Contact Us

Enquire About a Party

Payment in Full Required at Time of Booking.

If you wish to cancel the party or add/remove guests, please do so a minimum of 14 days prior to your party date as we are unable to offer refunds on party bookings due to demand.

Please note all jumpers will need to have a waiver completed by a parent or legal guardian.