End-of-Year Round-Up

That’s a wrap on 2022 and what a year it has been! We’ve been kept so busy this year with so much going on and it’s been a blast to enjoy it with all of our wonderful customers. So, let’s take a look back on everything that happened this year at High Altitude.

Hello 2022

We started the year the best way we knew how to – with lots of bouncing fun! We also took this time to tell all of you what a wicked year we had planned and that we were gonna take all of you along for the ride.

Sprung Into Easter 

Before we knew it, Easter was on our doorstep. So, we knew we had to do like the Easter Bunny does and hop into the celebrations.

We knew that an event such as Easter deserved a proper party, or three parties, to be exact. So, when the Easter half term came knocking, this was the best opportunity to party. We ran three separate parties for the older bunnies, the tots and the SEN kids. We had so much fun and may have enjoyed one or two yummy chocolate eggs.

Clubs & Groups at High Altitude 

We were visited this year many times by various kids’ sports clubs and groups to enjoy some team bonding at High Altitude. There’s nothing like celebrating a win or getting the team together than a visit to a huge trampoline park.

A Summer to Remember 

We found ourselves in the most popular time of year for the kiddies, which is the summer holidays – no school meant that we were open all day, every day so that kids could get their fix of glee and parents could kick back and relax in our café.

For the summer, we also launched the Summer Pass, which allowed our regular visitors to jump for longer, for less! Hopefully, we helped make the summer of 2022 a summer to remember forever.

Parties, Parties & More Parties 

2022 was like any other year for High Altitude where birthdays are concerned. We made so many kids’ birthdays special when they celebrated the milestone with all of their friends at our trampoline park.

We had them all! Parties for kiddies, SEN children, and toddlers. Each one came with a mountain of party food, scrumptious birthday cake, a whole lot of bouncing and memories to be treasured for a lifetime.

Half Term Horrors 

The spookiest time of year was upon us with the return of Halloween! We celebrated with not just a day of scary fun, but a whole week! In this week of half term fun, we enjoyed some ghoulish games and competitions, we all got dressed up in our most frightening costumes, the whole park was turned into a spooky funhouse with decorations, and we held some super fun parties to spread the ghostly amusement.

Sleepover at High Altitude 

Have you ever wanted to spend the night in a trampoline park with your friends? Well, that’s just what some lucky friends of ours did.

All of that bouncing is tiring work, so we had multiple groups of friends and clubs come and spend the night at our park after a session of bouncing – sleeping right there on the trampolines!

Very Important Bouncers 

This year was also the year we launched our latest and greatest membership pass – the VIB (Very Important Bouncer). This is something that we will be taking into the new year so that even more can sign up to this exclusive club.

As a VIB, you get to:

  • Bounce every day for one set price a month/year
  • Enjoy 10% off food and drink at our café
  • Bring a friend for free on the last Friday of the month

A Visit From Santa 

Christmas time! The most magical time of the year was here, which meant the end of the year was in sight, but not before a visit from Santa himself.

High Altitude became home to Santa’s Grotto where the big man made himself comfortable, ready to meet all of the boys and girls who had been extra good this year. He may have even had a few gifts to give out, and if you were really lucky, you’d get your own picture taken with Father Christmas.

Goodbye 2022

Now we’re here! Despite it being a year that was packed with fun and enjoyment, we have to say goodbye to 2022 and hello to 2023. But don’t worry, we’re expecting more of the same this year with lots of great events taking place, big news coming and some more exciting offers for you to enjoy our park for less.

One Last Thing

We thought now would be a good time as ever to say a massive, humongous, absolutely positively huge THANK YOU to all of you for choosing to visit High Altitude this year and beyond!

Thank you, everyone and Happy New Year.