It’s about that time of year again when the alarms start sounding for the start of the summer holidays. It can be a time of panic for parents wondering how on earth they will keep the kids entertained all summer long, as well as juggling the responsibilities of the normal day to day or keep up your busy work life. 

That’s why High Altitude has created the Summer Pass. We brought this pass back from the success and appreciation of last summer. This pass was designed with parents and children in mind. For the kids, we’re keeping them active, engaging in some fun, healthy bouncing. And for the parents, we’re helping to keep your kids occupied all summer long without breaking the bank. 


Like we said, with this Summer Pass you can be bouncing all summer long at High Altitude. This pass applies to everyone! Kids, Adults and toddlers – anyone, any age are welcome to take advantage of this amazing deal. 

Speaking of amazing deal, how much is it going to cost me to bounce at High Altitude every day this summer? To receive your Summer Pass, you just need to pay a one-off payment of £24.99 – that’s it!

How long does this pass last? You will be able to use this pass from July 25th 2022, all the way to September 5th 2022. 

So, how do I get mine? Simply head over to our website, click the ‘Memberships’ tab, scroll and click ‘BUY NOW’. Next, you’ll be taken to our memberships booking form where you select your park (High Altitude – Norwich), choose the Summer Pass membership, enter your details and you’re done. 

Summer can’t get here sooner!


That’s right, we have more membership options available for our biggest High Altitude fans. Instead of paying for each session upon every visit, why not slash the prices and get yourself a pass. 

Our Annual Jump Pass is our biggest pass available. With this membership option, you could be bouncing every day of the year, come rain or shine, season to season. With the many events we hold throughout the year, such as Santa’s Grotto at Christmas and spooky Halloween parties, it’s a no brainer. The Annual Jump Pass costs just £249 per year. 

Maybe you’d prefer a monthly pass instead? Well, we’ve got you covered with our Monthly Jump Pass at only £11.99 per month. 

Whatever your situation or your needs, we offer High Altitude memberships to our customers as a way of helping to keep the kids engaged and having fun without you having to cash out big time. 


So, there you have it. The holy grail for parents, just in time for the summer holidays. Remember, everyone is welcome at High Altitude: kids, adults, tots and those with special educational needs. 

Treat yourself and the family to a membership with High Altitude today.