How High Altitude Trampoline Park is Celebrating Halloween 2023 in Norfolk

If you’re on the search for Halloween events in Norwich, then boy do we have a pleasant (and scary) surprise for you! Get ready for a whole host of family-friendly Halloween fun in Norfolk with Half Term Horrors.

Yes, Half term Horrors has risen from the grave again. You may remember the name from last year – it’s the time of the year when High Altitude Trampoline Park celebrates Halloween all week long during the October half term.

If you attended and survived Half Term Horrors before, then you know how this goes, but if you need reminding, keep on reading.

And if it’s your first time hearing about this epic week-long Halloween event, strap yourselves in and prepare for a spooky bounce like no other at our haunted trampoline park in Norfolk.


Half Term Horrors: Norfolk Trampoline Park Halloween Special 

October half term is when Halloween will come alive for bouncers of all ages, from Tots and bigger kids to teens and adults.

Here’s what’s on the scare agenda.


Celebrating a Whole Week of Half Term 

As we mentioned above, Half Term Horrors conveniently falls on October half term (October 23rd-29th 2023), which means school’s out and youngsters and parents are free to join us in celebrating Halloween all week long.

So, parents, if you’re looking for ways to keep the kids entertained during term time, why not bring them along to High Altitude? Not just one day in the week, but every day!


Halloween-Themed Parties 

Who doesn’t love a good party? We certainly do, which is why, during Half Term Horrors, we’ll be hosting three Halloween parties. Do you know what makes a party even better? Trampolines, of course.

You’ll know we love hosting birthday parties at our trampoline park, so we know a thing or two about throwing a shindig for the ages.

Here’s our party schedule during Half Term Horrors:

Saturday 28th October 2023

  • SEN Halloween party, 5pm-6pm (£8.95 per person)
  • Over 4s Halloween party, 6:30pm-8:30pm (£13 + free hot dog per person)


Sunday 29th October 2023

  • Toddler Halloween party, 9am-10am (£7 per child & £2.50 per adult)

Book your ticket for a Halloween party in Norfolk now >

For family-friendly Halloween fun in Norfolk, don’t miss out on grabbing your party ticket. For the price of one ticket, you’ll get:

  • Party entertainer
  • Disco lights
  • Halloween music
  • Best Dressed competition
  • Party Games
  • Sweet treats
  • Free play on all equipment, including the inflatables


Getting in the Halloween Spirit at our Trampoline Park in Norfolk 

Now, we can’t enjoy a whole week of Halloween without getting in the Halloween spirit. So, if you plan on visiting us this half term, be prepared to see some frightening costumes and freaky decorations as we turn High Altitude into a haunted trampoline park in Norfolk!

Get Dressed up With These Halloween Costume Ideas 

As important as scary costumes are for Halloween, it’s also important to dress comfortably when bouncing on trampolines with proper trampoline park attire.

So here is some Halloween costume inspiration that’s perfect for jumping, flipping and soaring on trampolines. [add images of HA costumes]

  • Petrifying Pumpkin – When we think of Halloween, we think of sweets, ghosts, spiders and pumpkins! This costume idea is simple and comfortable, yet so spooky, and the bright orange will have all eyes on you.

  • Wicked Witch – A cackling witch is a great costume for Half Term Horrors – it’s frightening, instantly recognisable, and is an outfit that’s easy to move around in, which is perfect for bouncing. Just don’t put a spell on us!

  • Scary Skeleton – If you want to do some scarring this year, nothing is quite as spooky as a skeleton. You may be all made of bones, but this costume is perfect for bouncing as you won’t get too hot and will be able to bounce as normal.

Of course you don’t have to take our suggestions on board – come dressed up in whatever you want. There are loads of Halloween costume ideas to take inspiration from.

When you’ve decided on your outfit, come dressed up in your ghoulish garments during one of our Halloween bounce sessions.


Decked Out: Haunted Trampoline Park in Norfolk 

As of writing this blog, our team is hard at work designing and decorating our haunted trampoline park, getting the whole court ready for Half Term Horrors.


Are you brave enough to enter for some family-friendly Halloween fun in Norfolk? We hope you’re not too afraid of creepy cobwebs, pesky bats, or other spooky things.


Healthy Halloween Half Term

Halloween is such an enjoyable time of the year, and we hope you all have an incredible time whatever you have planned. But it’s also good to not go overboard.

Hey, we love sweets and treats as much as the next person, but there is such a thing as too many sweets and not enough activity.

Half Term Horrors isn’t just about throwing an amazing Halloween event in Norwich, it’s also a good excuse to get kids moving and keep active during the time off school. Break up the trick-or-treating and sweet-munching with some healthy exercise on our trampolines.

The great thing about Half Term Horrors is that we’re open through all of half term. To visit, simply check out the timetable on our site, find the session that suits you, and get down here.

We would love to see as many of you as possible this half term, enjoying a spooky bounce at our Norfolk trampoline park.

Creep it real and happy Halloween!