How to Hire Out a Whole Trampoline Park for Yourself

Can you hire out an entire trampoline park for yourself and a few friends? It depends on the trampoline park, but many have exclusive hire options available where a group of people can have a whole trampoline park to themselves.

Yes, boys and girls, it isn’t a hoax, you can really hire out a whole trampoline park for yourself and a few friends.

So if you’ve ever been bouncing at High Altitude and thought it would be pretty neat to have this whole place to yourself, then this must be big news for you. But before you rush to book yourself an exclusive trampoline park reservation, let us tell you about all the ways you can hire out High Altitude.


Exclusive Hire Birthday Parties: Trampoline Park Party Rental 

Got a birthday coming up? Even if you haven’t got one near, then we bet yours is at most twelve months away, so listen up.

Everyone knows you can have your birthday party at High Altitude, but you can also level up your birthday party by hiring out the whole trampoline park for it. Renting out a trampoline park for your party is easy with High Altitude – let’s run you through it.

An exclusive hire birthday party is like a regular party at High Altitude except the whole park is reserved for you and your guests and there are also some extras in store. All together you get a party experience with:

  • The whole park to yourself
  • The birthday person gets a FREE slushy and a FREE sweet cone 
  • Downloadable party invites
  • Free jump socks
  • Access to our new inflatable assault course
  • Unlimited squash drink
  • A party host to assist with set up and clean up so you don’t have to
  • 45 minutes in a dedicated party refuel area
  • A choice of food options from our party menu
  • More extras available to purchase

This private trampoline park booking is the ultimate upgrade to a standard birthday party.


Spend the Night at a Trampoline Park 

Sleepovers at High Altitude provide a unique experience to uniformed organisations and sports groups.

Nothing quite beats a sleepover with your best friend, right? Well, how about a sleepover with all of your friends in a trampoline park where instead of sleeping in beds, you can sleep on trampolines?!

Renting out a trampoline park to spend the entire night there is a pretty cool way of celebrating a recent victory, encouraging team building, or just because.

So what’s included in a trampoline park sleepover at High Altitude?

  • 2-hour bounce disco – you are welcome to bring your own music, or we can be the DJ for you
  • Access to our new inflatable assault course
  • Pizza buffet & squash – Yum!
  • Sleeping on the trampolines
  • Breakfast cereal when you wake up
  • An extra hour bounce in the morning
  • Badges available as extras

To book this exclusive trampoline park reservation, all you need is to be a uniformed organisation or group, have a team of leaders, and have a minimum of thirty participants.


Trampoline Park Group Booking for Schools 

Here at High Altitude, we love encouraging children to be active, not just at home, but also at school. After all, a healthy child is a happy child.

We like to work with schools to encourage children to be active – whether that’s by using our trampolines as part of a physical education lesson, an after-school club, an active SEND (special education needs or disability) session, or as a reward for great school work or achievement.

This special trampoline park venue hire for schools means it will just be your school children and teachers to enjoy the whole trampoline park.  


Private Trampoline Park Session for Corporates 

Trampoline parks aren’t just for kids, ya know. And High Altitude is no different, we welcome little ones and big ones alike.


Within our exclusive trampoline park hire options, we have a service specifically designed for corporates and adults. This is a great way to promote team building within a workgroup – instead of sitting in a boring meeting, your employees could be letting their hair down and having some fun.

As well as offering a unique team-building service, you could also hire a trampoline park for your team as a reward for all of the hard work they’ve been putting in on a day-to-day basis. Remember, as an exclusive hire, it means the whole trampoline court is reserved for your team, so no need to worry about little ones getting in the way and stealing all the fun!


One Last Thing

It’s easy to hire our trampoline park for private events. These exclusive hire bookings usually take place in the evening, so see our timetable for a better idea of when to book.

When you book out the whole trampoline park – whether that’s for your child’s birthday party, an after-school club treat, or a corporate team-building event – you can expect a flippin’ good time with all the extras you need for a fun group event, including:

  • A DJ booth fitted with Bluetooth and speakers
  • Free WIFI in our seating area
  • Food packages available
  • Access to all amenities, including our inflatable assault course

So don’t waste any time, hire out a whole trampoline park for you and your friends.