Inclusive Trampolining Sessions in Norfolk

Here at High Altitude Trampoline Park in Norwich, there are a few things we hold dear. And something very important to us is inclusion. Being able to provide inclusive trampolining sessions for everyone makes us incredibly happy. 

What does inclusive trampolining mean to us? It means that anyone, regardless of age group, situation, or complex needs always has a place at High Altitude to enjoy themselves and take part in some beneficial physical activity. 

The Timetable on our website is the best place to find information on what special trampoline sessions are available at our park, what day and at what time. As for what these special trampoline sessions are, that get everyone involved in bounce time, keep on reading. 

Trampolining With Special Educational Needs 

First up, let’s talk about our SEN trampoline sessions. These sessions represent a really important part of our week. This is a time for those with special educational needs to enjoy the fun and adventure of our trampolines. 

During these sessions, our huge trampoline court is reserved only for SEN jumpers. That includes areas like the Inflatables, airbag jump and basketball hoops. 

Why Trampolining is Good for SEN Children 

Trampolining with special educational needs doesn’t just provide enrichment. There are other amazing reasons for SEN children and adults to join in with some trampolining fun every now and again. 

Here are some reasons why SEN trampoline sessions are so beneficial:

  • Sensory Stimulation – Kids who suffer from sensory issues, such as autism, can benefit from trampolining as it provides sensory stimulation. Trampolining provides us with lots of different ways to move, which, in turn, stimulates the senses. On the other hand, when someone may feel over-stimulated, trampolining can offer something to focus on, allowing all other senses to calm.
  • Mental and Physical Health – People with special educational needs may find keeping active more difficult. Trampolining provides whole-body movement and engages lots of different muscle groups in our bodies, making it a great, fun workout. 

Similar benefits can be received mentally. For people with special educational needs, certain things can cause anxiousness which can also lead to stress. Bouncing up and down on trampolines can provide a calming activity that can relieve stress and anxiety.

  • A Safe Activity – Nowadays, trampolines are incredibly safe. Especially the trampolines at High Altitude. There are no open holes to fall through or hard springs to get feet caught on. Not only are our trampolines more than safe, but areas around the trampolines are padded to ensure no nasty bumps or tumbles. For parents of children with special educational needs, this can be so reassuring. To know that your child is safe while they play and explore. 
  • Co-ordination and Balance – Gentle bouncing and rebounding on trampolines is great for co-ordination, posture, agility and balance. This can help SEN children to understand their bodies and learn what their physical limits are. The result can be improved confidence and better understanding of oneself. 
  • Feel-Good Feeling – If you’ll allow us to get scientific for a moment, we can tell you that bouncing on a trampoline releases endorphins (feel-good hormones) and dopamine. These help to lift moods and make us feel good, and more cheerful, which is wonderful for SEN children. 
  • Socialising – Like we said, SEN trampoline sessions at High Altitude mean that, during this time, the trampoline court is reserved for SEN bouncers only. This makes a wonderful opportunity for children and adults with special educational needs to socialise with one another in a safe environment. 

SEN Trampoline Park Parties 

Did you know we host parties at High Altitude? Yep, and what’s great is that every child can enjoy a party with us. Including birthday boys and girls with special educational needs. Our parties for SEN children are a unique and memorable way to celebrate a milestone. 

How do these parties differ from our other parties? SEN trampoline birthday parties can be adjusted based on your needs, such as:

  • Choosing to have the music turned off
  • Opting for no disco lights 
  • Specific food restrictions can be catered for 
  • Our food location can be changed for ease of access
  • There won’t be a safety video to sit through – we’ll address safety at High Altitude in a more appropriate way 
  • Our party hosts will be made aware of your requirements beforehand
  • Your party will be on the last session of the day to avoid busy changeover periods

And, of course, SEN parties come with all of the standard elements that make up our other parties, including a birthday banquet, unlimited squash, and downloadable party invites for guests!

Home-Schooled Kids Trampoline Sessions 

There are plenty of reasons parents may want to home-school their kids, and we understand that which is why we provide home-education trampoline sessions at our park. 

These special sessions are similar to our other sessions at High Altitude in the way that they are reserved for a particular group of children. Which, in this case, are home-schooled children. During term time, when other kids are in school, home-schooled children can visit our trampoline park in Norwich to unwind and let loose!

Why We Run Dedicated Trampoline Sessions for Home-Schooled Children

You may be wondering why we would need trampoline sessions for home-schooled children. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Reasons For Home-Schooling – There are lots of different reasons why some parents choose to home-school their children. It could be because school is a negative environment for their children, their child has a learning disability, is physically handicapped, or another reason. This way, whatever reasons you have, your home-schooled child has a safe, enjoyable area to explore and play. 
  • Socialising With Others – With not attending school, home-schooled kids may not be as fortunate as other children to meet and play with others their age. Our home-schooled trampoline sessions allow these children to socialise and play with others in a similar situation to themselves. 
  • For Parents, Too – We also want to look out for the parents who take on the huge task of home-schooling their children. By attending one of these sessions, parents can relax in our café while the kids play. As well as the kids, parents can meet and socialise with other parents who home-school their children. 

What Do Home-Schooled Kids Do During School Holidays?

Our home-schooled trampoline sessions run only during term time – when other children are in school. However, this doesn’t mean that home-schooled kids are excluded from High Altitude during half term and other school breaks. 

Home-schooled kids can simply take part in our Freestyle sessions if they’re over four years old. Any younger than that and all you need to do is come along to one of our Under 10 or Tots sessions – whichever is relevant to your child. 

Trampolining For Smaller Children: Toddler Trampoline Sessions & Under 10s Trampoline Sessions 

Kids of all ages love trampolining. But we understand how sometimes, the number of bigger kids bouncing can outweigh the number of smaller children. It’s not anyone’s fault, but this mix of bigger and smaller kids on one trampoline court could be a recipe for accidents and bumps. 

So, as a safety-conscious trampoline park, we have dedicated trampoline sessions for smaller jumpers who want to have as much fun as the bigger kids. 

Trampoline Park Toddler Sessions 

Our Tots trampoline sessions mean that the trampoline court is reserved exclusively for toddlers – more specifically, toddlers aged five and under. 

This is a great opportunity for younger children to experience the excitement of trampolining. Better yet, we are a trampoline park with soft play, so there’s even more reason to come on down. 

These sessions provide great indoor activities for toddlers in Norwich. We split these sessions into two different offerings:

  • Parent and Toddler – This is a lovely bonding experience between toddlers and their parents. During this time, the trampoline court is for parents and toddlers only. 
  • Jump ‘n’ Lunch – This is a similar session that allows parents and toddlers to explore the trampolines and amenities we have to offer. With this discounted session, the activity for the day and lunch are included in the price of a ticket for both parent and toddler. 

Also, toddlers can enjoy a birthday party with us just like the big kids! These parties follow a different agenda than other parties to be perfect for little bouncers celebrating a big day. 

Under 10s Trampoline Park Sessions 

For the somewhat awkward ages – where you’re not quite old enough for the bigger kids but too old for Tots – we have the Under 10s trampoline sessions. 

Who can attend an Under 10s session at High Altitude? These sessions are for children aged from two to nine years old. So if you haven’t hit double digits yet, then this is the place for you. 

Children in this session don’t have to keep up with the big kids or keep an eye out for toddlers, they can simply enjoy the trampolines just like everyone else – with kids who match their age. 

Our Under 10s party packages are the same deal. The only thing we ask is that if any guests at this party are under four years old, a paying adult must accompany them. Again, this ensures a safe bounce for all. 

High Altitude Trampoline Park in Norwich is For All

Inclusion and diversity are really super important to the team at High Altitude. We hope that by offering these special sessions, we can create a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. 

When we say everyone, we mean everyone – even teens and adults are welcome on our trampoline court. PS: High Altitude makes for a hilariously bonkers corporate event for your hardworking employees. 

No matter your age, background, situation or anything else, you will always have a pair of jump socks waiting for you at our trampoline park. 

5 Reasons to Visit Our Trampoline Park This Winter 

Brrr, it sure is chilly out there. The cold, wet weather can make it difficult for families to get up and get moving. But when you hear these reasons to visit High Altitude, you’ll want to come and see for yourself the great times to be had as a family this winter. 

1. We’re Indoors 

Escape the cold and join us at our indoor trampoline park in Norfolk. With kids bouncing like mad on our trampolines and parents sipping on hot coffee in our café, you’ll all warm up in no time – we promise!

2. Speaking of Café

Kids and adults love the café at High Altitude. For little and big ones alike, we have a range of hot and cold dishes available, and that goes for drinks too. The café is a cool place for parents to hang out, relax, chit-chat, and watch the kiddies enjoy themselves. 

3.Get Movin’ 

Instead of using the cold as an excuse to sit indoors all day staring at the telly, why not enjoy some active exercise instead? The best thing about trampolining is it’s great exercise for all to enjoy and you’ll be getting in your daily exercise without even knowing it. 

4.Affordable Family Fun 

We are an affordable trampoline park in Norfolk. This means we always want to provide families with incredible value for money, especially in hard times. With our low prices and regular offers, cost-saving memberships, active enrichment for the whole family is within reach.

5.So Much More Than Just Trampolines 

We love trampolines, but our trampoline park offers so much more than just trampolines. Come and enjoy these extra activities at our park:

  • Soft play and trampoline park 
  • Inflatables assault course
  • Shoot ‘em up trampoline basketball hoops 
  • Huge airbag jump
  • Yummy café

What do you say? Will we see you at our Norfolk trampoline park soon? Easily book your next session on our website and get in touch with us for anything you may need.