Are you planning to visit a jump park soon? Whether it’s your first time visiting a trampoline park or you’re a regular bouncer, it’s good to be in the know. So before leaping into action at your first/next jump park session, read through this handy blog for everything you need to know. 

Prices, opening times, different sessions, and so much more will be highlighted in this blog. You could call this a quick and easy guide to joining in at your local indoor jump park. Let’s not delay any longer and get started!

Indoor Jump Park Near Me: Visiting Info You Should Know

If you’re in the Norfolk and Norwich area, then you’re in luck as High Altitude is the best local trampoline park around. Our jump park has made quite the reputation for being the best value-for-money trampoline park around, which is great for both little ones and parents. If you’ll be swinging by soon, get clued up on all the necessary visiting info. 

Does High Altitude Have a Timetable?

Yes, High Altitude runs on a timetable at all times. We have two versions of our timetable:

  • School Holidays Timetable – This timetable applies during school holidays. 
  • Term Time Timetable – This timetable applies during term time when kids are in school. 
Young boy at a jump park leaping into a big inflatable airbag.

Where is High Altitude?

We’re conveniently placed in Norwich, not too far from the city centre which makes it easy to pop in and see us. Plenty of visitors come to our jump park as part of a full day out. For example, after spending a day shopping at Chantry Place and the rest of the city, why not pop in for a quick bounce before heading home? 

High Altitude trampoline park building and car park in Norwich.

How To Book A Jump Park Session

The absolute easiest way to book is through our website. This way, you can guarantee a slot during one of our bounce sessions. However, if you’re hit by a sudden rush of spontaneity, we also accept walk-ins. Walk-ins are priced slightly higher and if we’re too busy, we may not have room for you, so pre-booking online is best! 

To book a jump park session online, follow these steps:

  • If you’re using a mobile, tap the menu button in the top right of the screen and at the bottom of the menu, tap ‘BOOK NOW’. On desktop, you’ll find the ‘BOOK NOW’ button in the top right of the screen. 
  • You’ll be taken to our booking software where you can locate and tap the session you would like to book. Fill in your information and hit ‘proceed’.

  • After reviewing your order, proceed to checkout, enter your payment information and you’re all done!

Jump Park For Kids: The Perfect Activity For Children

If you’re searching for things to do with kids, then visiting a jump park is a great solution. Especially a jump park like High Altitude that is made up of a huge trampoline court, but also an inflatable assault course, other indoor attractions, a café area, and more.

Boys and girls rushing through a door towards the trampolines in a jump park.

Kids of all ages (even teens and also adults) can enjoy the trampolines at most jump parks, and that’s also true for High Altitude. A great way for kids to bounce with us is by joining in with our flagship jump park session – Freestyle. This trampoline session is for everyone over the age of four and kids love it. As this is a session for most ages, teens and adults can bounce too, but usually, it’s mostly kids jumping during this session. 

High Altitude is the perfect jump park for kids and toddlers alike. Let’s go through what’s available for toddlers at our jump park. 

Jump Park For Toddlers: Endless Fun For Little Ones

As a jump park for toddlers, parents can come on down to spend a day playing with their little ones. As far as toddler activities go, visiting a jump park has to be up there with one of the best ideas for a toddler day out.

Two young toddlers and adult playing together with toys on a large trampoline court.

For toddlers, visiting High Altitude is like stepping into a whole new world. During a Tots session, only toddlers and parents are allowed on the trampolines and attractions which means younger children are free to roam and explore without bigger kids getting in their way. 

The Tots sessions available at High Altitude are:

  • Jump ‘n’ Lunch – During a three-hour window, parents can bring toddlers along to our jump park for a session of bouncing with lunch included in the price. 
  • Parent & Toddler – Short and easy toddler sessions where both tot and parent have free reign of the trampolines and amenities.

How Much Does a Jump Park Cost to Visit?

Bounce Session Pre-Book Walk-In
Freestyle £10.45 £12
Under 10 £10.45 £12
Bounce Session Jumper Parent/Carer
Parent & Toddler £6 £3
SEN £7.95 FREE

What to Wear to a Jump Park

If you’re wondering what to wear to a jump park when you visit, don’t overthink it and wear something comfortable and appropriate for active movement. Athletic clothing that offers some stretch is best. Remember, with trampolining, there are so many movements going on, such as jumping, stretching, running, and so on. 

Inside of a busy jump park with lots of children playing on the trampolines.

Part of your jump park attire will be anti-slip socks. These are so important and a key part of what to wear to a jump park for safety reasons and will be provided to you for a small price when you first visit. Then, you can keep hold of these and bring them with you every time you bounce. 

Jump Inflatable Park 

A big part of what makes High Altitude the best jump park for kids is the inflatables. Even though this indoor jump park attraction is fairly new, it has quickly become one of the most popular indoor attractions around. With that being said, let’s take a closer look at the inflatables at High Altitude. 

  • Superfast Slide: Whizz down the inflatable slides at supersonic speed!

  • Bish Bash Pillars: Tackle the bish bash pillars to get through this part of the inflatables. 

  • Balance Tops: Put your balance to the test and see how long you can last on the balance tops. 

  • Climbing Steps: Climb to the highest peak of the inflatables using the climbing steps. 

Inflatable Assault Course FAQs

Anyone can use the inflatables during their standard session times. For example, toddlers can use the inflatables during their allocated Tots session times.

No, there is no age limit. But there are age-appropriate sessions. For example, only those over the age of 4 can use the inflatables during an Over 4s session.

For the purpose of health and safety, we require those under the age of 4 to be accompanied by an adult. Due to limited capacity on site, all accompanying adults require a purchased ticket for the relevant session.

Final Thoughts 

Visiting a jump park for toddlers and kids is a fantastic way of keeping the children entertained. As an indoor jump park, High Altitude is great for both rainy days and hot days (in summer, we have the AC on full blast!).

If you’re a regular bouncer at our jump park, check out our Membership options and check our Offers page for more opportunities to save. For first-time bouncers, don’t delay any longer and visit our indoor jump park today!