May Awareness & How High Altitude Can Help

Throughout the year there are many awareness days, weeks and months that aim to help young people all over the world. These periods of awareness help to highlight issues, concerns and illnesses and allow us to all rally together and show our support.

Here at High Altitude, it’s so important to us that we create an enjoyable and safe atmosphere for young jumpers of all ages, from tots to teens! So you can probably guess that we’re all for taking part in some national awareness.

Here’s what to expect in May and how we’re doing our part.


National Teen Self-Esteem Month

Did you know that May is National Teen Self-Esteem Month? Teenagers of today are some of the most affected people by issues such as not knowing their own self-worth and struggling with self-esteem.

We think it’s safe to say that the teenage years of our lives are difficult. Alongside school, relationships, social media and family life, teens also have to deal with hormonal and physical changes – all of this makes growing up as a teen difficult (to say the least).

This awareness month is so important as we all need to work together to ensure the teens and children in our lives see just how wonderful they truly are.


Boosting Self-Esteem Through Exercise 

During May, the team at High Altitude are putting in that extra bit of work to ensure that the teens and young children around us are happy and healthy, both mentally and physically.

How are we doing this? One proven way to boost self-esteem is through exercise! When we exercise, we release endorphins, which decrease the feelings of stress and anxiety. Being active makes us happier and healthier.

When our bodies feel good, our minds do too. And trampolining is such a great exercise – it promotes whole-body movement and engages all of our muscles, and more importantly, it’s great fun.


Other Ways to Boost Self-Esteem 

As well as keeping up with some exercise, there are some other great ways to inspire greater self-esteem in young people.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Learn to love yourself
  • Show the people around you how much you care and they’ll do the same back
  • Ditch those unhealthy habits
  • Spend more time in nature instead of sat in front of screens
  • Eat properly every day

Boosting your own self-esteem or helping someone else to improve theirs can take time. What’s important is to not give up and do your very best.


Mental Health Awareness Week 

This incredibly important awareness week takes place from the 15th of May to Sunday the 21st of May, and it’s all about tackling loneliness and highlighting the impact being lonely can have on our mental health.

Mental Health Awareness Week is a time when we can all come together and stand up to mental health issues, and help each other improve how we feel mentally.


Promote Better Health With Active Fun 

Just as exercise can help us to improve our self-esteem, exercise also has the same positive effect on our overall mental health.

So when you feel your children or the whole family could use a mental boost, a visit to an awesome trampoline park like High Altitude could be just the ticket!

Here are some ways being physically active can help mental health:

  • Takes your focus away from feeling stressed or anxious
  • Tiring yourself out leads to better sleep
  • The sociable aspect allows you to connect with others
  • Releases those feel-good hormones
  • Gives you a sense of accomplishment


One Last Thing

You can get involved in these great awareness causes just by coming down and visiting our trampoline park, and being that special and happy energy that makes High Altitude the place to be for family fun and enrichment.

Head on over to our timetable, book your space and we’ll look forward to welcoming you through our doors!