Parent & Toddler Sessions

Parent & Toddler Sessions

Did you know that parents and toddlers can also enjoy High Altitude? That’s right, our trampoline park isn’t only reserved for bigger kids. You and your toddler can join us during one of our Tots sessions for some quality bonding time in a fun and safe environment. 


So, what exactly is a Tots session? During these sessions, the whole High Altitude trampoline park is available exclusively for under 5’s. In these gentler sessions, there will be no bigger kids bouncing around your tots, causing you to worry about your little kiddies getting into an accident. 

Your toddler will be sharing the court with other toddlers, allowing your little ones to make new friends their same age and interact with one another in any way they want. 

Better yet, during term time and the school holidays, toddlers can come on down to High Altitude Saturdays AND Sundays! Keep an eye on our timetable for other times you and your toddler can bounce the day away. 


We know all of you parents are big kids at heart so come join your toddler in the fun and bounce to your heart’s content. 

It’s important for your little kiddies to jump at their own speed to keep the activity fun and comfortable. And with our Parent and Toddler sessions, you can supervise and join them in the fun to make sure they’re safe and enjoying their time at High Altitude. 

During these sessions, we keep the activities age-appropriate as well as allowing free use of our soft play area!


It’s no secret that trampolining is a great exercise for your kids. So, that means it’s also a great way to work up an appetite. 

In this popular session, we provide a three-hour window filled with lots of bouncing on our trampoline court, activities toddlers will love, free use of our awesome soft play facility and lunch and drink for both parent and toddler – all under one price!

We couldn’t think of a better idea for a play date for you and your little one. 

UNDER 10’s

Toddlers really are spoilt for choice when it comes to bouncing at High Altitude. As well as visiting us during our Parent and Toddler sessions or Jump ‘N’ Lunch, they can also take part in our Under 10’s sessions, where anyone aged 2-9 years old is welcome on the court. 

It’s just like a normal bounce session but for the kids who haven’t hit their double digits yet. 

Like our regular Tots sessions, toddlers and younger kids can bounce safely without having to worry about older kids (over 10 years old) getting in the way. Children aged 2 and 3 will need a parent or guardian over 18 years old to join them on the court during the session to supervise only. 


There you have it, all the ways your toddler can enjoy High Altitude – it’s like we said, we’re not just for the bigger kids. 

Remember, we also offer parties for toddlers. For more information, visit our parties page or speak to a member of our staff by getting in touch today!