‘Parking’…the one word feared by parents

‘Parking’… the one word feared by parents near and far when taking the kids out for the day, second only to ‘Are we there yet?’

Parking in Norwich

Finding suitable parking in Norwich can be stressful and time-consuming, especially during match days and school holidays when it seems everyone in Norwich is out and about.  We are lucky to have several Park and Ride schemes, but with several kids in tow, it’s not something I personally would consider.  Another option is hunting the streets finding that one space in the whole city which is empty… just to find it’s permit parking and you must continue on your quest to find the holy grail of the parking world.  How about the venues which offer free parking in multi-storeys if you visit their venue… FAB, or not as the case maybe – everyone loves something free and convenient, and I do mean EVERYONE.  I take my hat off to those of you who have peacefully found a parking space in those circumstances.  I on the other hand, have spent many hours waiting for a space to become available.  I’ve driven round and round, up and down searching for one of the 16 spaces left in the whole multi storey just to find yourself in a 21st century dual with an equally agitated parent having both spotted those reverse lights from a distance.

Life should be stress free!

You don’t have to let something as simple as parking put a spanner in the works of your day out, as High Altitude is just off the ring road.  Though there’s not a massive car park outside, there are spaces at the bottom of road at the Mercure Hotel, it’s only a very short walk of 4-5 minutes, there’s even Sloughbottom Park, I would put this at a 8 – 10 minute walk, yes a slightly longer walk, but you then have the option of a quick game of football after you bounce or a play on the swings and slides… children optional of course!

Life should be as stress-free as possible, so why not start with your parking choices.