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So, High Altitude – Who Are We?

So, High Altitude – who are we?  Obviously the first answer would be a trampoline park but once you scratch beneath the surface you will see we’re much more.  We’re a family business, run by a family who have been local to the area for generations and true to Norwich folk we are keen, as a business, to become part of the community and a welcoming place to visit where you don’t just feel like a number or a pound sign.

We have put a lot of thought into our sessions to ensure there is a session for everyone no matter age, ability or any other factors which might inhibit someone from normally having the time of their lives.  Our aim is steer people away from their iPads and TV’s and get people going out in a fun environment to socialise – and let’s face it, if you can do this while burning calories and not realising you’re exercising… it can’t be a bad thing.

We hold events throughout the year which are enjoyed by all who are in the building.  Our most popular events are our half term discos where we turn the lights down, the music up and play party games for 2 hours – these are usually fancy dress (any excuse for the staff to dress up).  Keep a close eye on our Facebook page for our latest events.

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