The High Altitude Summer Pass Is Back – Here’s What Else You Can Enjoy Along With Our Trampolines

That’s right, folks, this is not a drill, the famous High Altitude trampoline park membership is back – the Summer Pass.

Now when you become the lucky recipient of this exclusive jump pass, you can visit our trampoline park as much as you want during summer. But you’ll be doing much more than just jumping on trampolines that’s for sure!


Everything to Know About the Summer Pass 

As we mentioned earlier, the Summer Pass at High Altitude allows you to enjoy unlimited bouncing all summer long; that’s from July 24th all the way to September 5th. That’s a whole lot of bouncing during the summer holidays.

Families of all sizes and ages can enjoy a Summer Pass each, with the pass applying to kids of all ages and adults.

You can get your hands on the Summer Pass for a one-off payment of just £24.99 per person.

Let’s give you the lowdown one last time:

  • The Summer Pass allows you to bounce every day during the summer (one session per day) 
  • Valid from July 24th – September 5th
  • Applies to kids and adults
  • All for a one-off payment of £24.99 per person

If you’re a regular bouncer at our park or plan to visit us a few times over the summer holidays, purchasing a Summer Pass for each jolly jumper is a great way of saving a few pennies and having a backup plan for free summer days.

Purchasing your Summer Pass is easy, just head on over to the Memberships page on our website and click ‘BOOK TODAY’. From there, you’ll be taken to our booking portal where you can select however many Summer Passes you want and you’re done!


Activities at High Altitude 

So you’ve got your summer trampoline park membership, what can you expect to see and do when you visit?

Not to brag, but our trampoline park has so much more than just trampolines.


Giant Inflatable Assault Course 

Our inflatable bouncy obstacle course is the latest feature of our trampoline park and everyone who has visited us can’t get enough.

Want to jump on the inflatables? Well, you can at no extra cost – this is included in the cost of your session and/or Summer Pass. All ages are welcome on the inflatables, so it’s definitely one for the whole family to enjoy.

This giant inflatable assault course includes:

  • Slides for you to whizz down at super speed
  • Bish bash pillars to crash into
  • Spinning tops to test your balance
  • Climbing steps to reach the highest peak

Will you be having a turn on our indoor inflatable assault course?


Toddler Soft Play 

A soft play and trampoline park in one? Yep, we’ve got plenty of trampolines plus an indoor soft play playground for little jumpers only.

Our children’s soft play area is just for the tots to enjoy, so there’s no need to worry about big kids getting in your little one’s way. Soft play is so important for toddlers – it’s a way for them to have fun in a safe and relaxed environment.

We know a visit to a soft play playground can be expensive for parents, but with a Summer Pass, your toddler can enjoy soft play every day in summer for a one-off payment of just £24.99.


Inflatable Airbag Jump

The airbag jump is a favourite of our regulars. Take a big run up and launch yourself from the trampoline, through the air, down to the airbag safely.

Try a flip, go backwards, cannonball, or leap with a pal. Jump however you want, either way, you’ll have a big bag of air to cushion your fall.


Slam Dunk With a Bounce

Also at our park, you can find some basketball hoops just waiting to be dunked on. With a trampoline floor, you can gain some serious height to slam dunk through the rim or get that little bit higher to land a sweet bucket or two.

We combined trampolines with basketball hoops to make the ultimate slam dunk contest or free throw throwdown. Make it a competition between you and another with the winner calling dibs on the first pizza slice or just see how many shots you can get in a row.


One Last Thing 

So that’s the Summer Pass and everything you can have fun on if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one.

This summer trampoline park membership is not only a way for your family to enjoy plenty of fun at High Altitude, but a great way to save some cash instead of splashing out on expensive summer day trips.

That’s just one of the reasons why we’re known as the best value-for-money trampoline park around.