Trampoline Park Activities for Schools in Norfolk

Parents and school teachers, do you want to make learning more of an enjoyable experience for kids? If you answered ‘yes’, have you ever thought about trampoline park trips for students to enrich their school life?

High Altitude Trampoline Park in Norwich, Norfolk has plenty of different offerings for local schools. And in this blog, we’re going to tell you all about them.


Norfolk School Group Activities at High Altitude Trampoline Park

School groups – such as after-school sports groups – are great opportunities for children to learn important life skills, like team building and socialising. They’re also a great way of bringing fellow classmates together.

If your child is part of a school sports group, they’re benefiting by performing regular exercise, keeping them fit, happy and healthy.

Trampolining is an incredible exercise for children in many different ways, so here’s a school group idea – trampolining!

At High Altitude, we support educational visits to trampoline parks and allow schools the opportunity to hire out the whole park exclusively for your group of school children.  


SEN Trampoline Sessions for Schools in Norfolk 

Here at High Altitude, we can also offer SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) sessions for schools.

Trampolining, for children with special educational needs, is an ideal activity as it provides sensory stimulation, improves mental and physical health, and, most importantly, bouncing on trampolines is super fun!

A school trampoline park outing could be just what your SEN students need to help them in their education and keep them fit and happy.

For trampolining in Norfolk for SEN children, we make the appropriate adjustments to ensure your educational visit to a trampoline park is a success, such as:

  • Music can be turned off or the volume lowered
  • No safety video to sit through
  • Our staff are made aware of requirements beforehand  


Norfolk Trampoline Park Field Trips 

What are some school trip ideas for students in Norfolk? There are plenty of great activities, such as an educational visit to Norwich Castle, a boating tour of the Norfolk broads, or a visit to a local trampoline park.

When children are rewarded for their hard work, they fall in love with learning, so whether you want to celebrate perfect attendance for a particular class or an outstanding Ofsted inspection, a reward trip is just the thing!

Trampoline park field trips are great for children for so many reasons.

  • They provide an enjoyable form of exercise
  • Enforce children’s development of important life skills, such as communication and teamwork
  • Strengthen relationships between students with active play
  • Teach pupils that working hard will reward them

If you want to know more about trampoline park trips for students, speak to our team.


One Last Thing

Our trampoline park in Norwich has welcomed so many schools over the years to enjoy thrilling sessions of bouncing – it’s a great release for children.

If you really want to provide your school group with an unforgettable experience, hear all about our trampoline park sleepovers for groups and clubs.

What are you waiting for? School trampoline park outings are perfect for breaking up the curriculum and rewarding your students.