Trampolining With Special Educational Needs

Did you know that trampolining is great for kids with special educational needs? It’s a great way for them to put themselves out there, have fun and get their daily dose of exercise in. At High Altitude, people with special educational needs are more than welcome. We even run dedicated SEN sessions throughout the week.

So, why should you bring your child with SEN to High Altitude? Keep reading for the answers.

Sensory Stimulation 

Kids who suffer from sensory issues, such as children with autism, can benefit from trampolining as it provides sensory stimulation. As we all know, trampolining provides us with lots of different ways to move, which, in turn, stimulates the senses.

On the other hand, when someone may feel over-stimulated, trampolining can offer something to focus on, allowing all other senses to calm.

At High Altitude, there’s a lot more to do than just bouncing to stimulate the senses, such as throwing balls on the dodgeball court or shooting some hoops. As well as lots of the different colours and textures you can find at our park to help with stimulation.

Mental & Physical Health

We have said before how trampolining is a great way to keep mentally and physically fit. This is especially true for SEN kids who may find keeping active more difficult.

Trampolining provides whole-body movement and engages lots of different muscle groups in our bodies. The best part about it is that it’s fun to do, which means most of the time, kids don’t even know they are getting in some valuable exercise for the day.

Similar benefits can be received mentally. For people with special educational needs, certain things can cause anxiousness which can also lead to stress. Bouncing up and down on trampolines can provide a calming activity that can relieve stress and anxiety.

A Safe Activity

Nowadays, trampolines are incredibly safe. Especially the trampolines at High Altitude. There are no open holes to fall through or hard springs to get feet caught on. Not only are

our trampolines more than safe, but areas around the trampolines are padded to ensure no nasty bumps or tumbles.

This is also a plus point for parents. Any parent worries about their child trying new things or activities outside of their comfort zone. For parents of children with special educational needs, this is especially true. So, having a safe and fun area to play and explore is so important – That’s what High Altitude is all about!

One Last Thing

As well as all the benefits we have been through, there are so many other positives trampolining can do for your child with SEN, including helping them to improve their focus, impulses and behaviour.

For more information on trampolining at High Altitude with special educational needs, get in touch with us and a member of our team will be able to help you with whatever you need. Alternatively, head over to the timetable on our website to see when the next SEN session is running and come on down. We’d love to see you here.