Sleepover Party

Yep, you heard that right. Sleepovers at High Altitude are now for everyone.

In the past, it was only uniformed organisations and sports groups who could enjoy a Sleepover at our trampoline park – sleeping right there on the trampolines with all of their friends in the comfiest of PJs and cosiest of bedding.

But now anyone can come round ours for a sleepover party. You just have to have a minimum of 20 guests and you’re good to go.

The price of a private sleepover is just £32 per person (which includes a pair of jump socks).

What’s on the agenda?

Your sleepover will start at 7pm

  • Then it’s 1-hour of bouncing madness, feel free to bring your own music
  • Followed by delicious food from our party menu
  • Movie time! With yummy hot chocolate
  • At bedtime, find yourself a trampoline and make yourself all cosy
  • In the morning, wake up with another hour of bouncing
  • Finishing off with a hearty breakfast
  • Home time! Head home with some awesome memories
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We still provide sleepovers for uniformed organisations and sports groups with a different offering that is perfect for your special occasion.

Who doesn’t love a good sleepover with your best friends? Now is your opportunity to take your slumber party to new heights.

That’s two sessions of flippin’ fun trampolining, a movie night with hot cocoa, dinner in the evening, breakfast in the morning, and the experience of sleeping on a trampoline all for one set price per person.

All staff are DBS Checked 
No two groups are scheduled for the same evening.

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