What Can High Altitude Offer Schools?

Here we are, near the start of the new school year. What an exciting time for children. Some may just be going up a year in the same school, some are starting school for the very first time and others are taking the big leap from primary school to high school.

We love to work with schools. Why do we work with them? It’s pretty simple. Like schools, we care about children and making sure they maintain a healthy lifestyle, alongside learning and everyday life.

School Sessions

We think it’s fair to say that it is easier for children to maintain a healthy lifestyle when they have fun doing it. As a huge trampoline park, we know how to have fun. Did you know that young people aged 5-18 are encouraged to perform at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day? That’s where we come in to help out.

We have plenty of different ways schools can get their students involved in physical activity through our sessions. From simple school group sessions and after-school clubs to SEND sessions and reward trips.

What’s Included?

For schools, we structure our sessions with some nifty inclusions that will benefit students even more. Firstly, we give schools the choice between 1 or 2-hour jump sessions, so however long you want your group to spend with us, you’re in control. That’s not all, school groups will also receive a dedicated area to use as they wish – this could be an assembly point, presentation area or a student-free zone so the teachers can have a break.

Those who have visited us before know that bouncing on our massive trampoline park is thirsty work, that’s why we have refreshments available and included in your session. Lunches can also be pre-ordered.

A structured dodgeball tournament, arranged games on the court and guaranteed active fun for your deserving pupils. How great does that sound?

The Benefits

As we mentioned at the top of this post, the main reason we run this school offering is to help encourage children to stay active and live a healthy lifestyle at such an important time in their lives. But there are also so many more benefits students can expect to receive when visiting us for a group school session.

Our structured and arranged games and activities on the court lead to encouraging and developing teamwork among children. Here, they learn the basics, fundamentals and essentials of teamwork in a fun way. This then translates to their school and home life – a great lesson to learn.

Sometimes, the possible stress and frustration children feel can go left unchecked. By coming to High Altitude, children learn to relieve those feelings while having fun with friends. The mental and physical stimulation is another aspect of trampolining that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Trampolining also provides a whole body workout, helps with focus, improvement with balance, flexibility and coordination for children.

One Last Thing

To the children, parents or teachers who may be reading this, why not get your school involved? With the benefit of keeping kids active and engaged, let’s work together.

If you would like to find out more about working with High Altitude, get in touch with us today and we’d be happy to help you out.