What Do Parents Do at a Trampoline Park?

What Do Parents Do at a Trampoline Park?

A trampoline park is an amazing place to be as a child. Trampolines as far as the eye can see, bright colours and a whole court to bounce off the walls quite literally. While that is all well and good, what do you parents do while the kids are having their fill of fun?

Well, we can’t speak for all trampoline parks but at High Altitude, there are plenty of ways we have made this a great place for the parents as well. So, if you’re wondering what parents do at High Altitude, keep on reading.

Time To Relax 

As parents, if our kids are having fun then that’s all that really matters. But, hey, something for you might be nice also, right? Taking your kids to High Altitude is a great way of finding some time to relax by yourself. Your kids are out there on the court having an amazing time, thanks to the great staff members we have who make sure that everyone is having fun while also remaining safe.

So, go ahead, take a seat and relax in our café that sits right next to the trampoline court, giving you a great view of the park and seeing what your little ones are getting up to. While you’re here, order yourself a tea or coffee and maybe even a little snack.

Bounce With Your Tot 

You may already know that we run dedicated toddler sessions at our trampoline park, but what you may not know is that you, the parent, are welcome on the court with your toddler. We like to think it’s the perfect bonding activity for you and your tot as they play, learn and tire themselves out.

Our ‘Jump ‘n’ Lunch’ offer is perfect for parents with children under 5 years old as you can enjoy a fun and engaging activity for less. Not only that but lunch is included in the price for toddler and parent.

Birthday Parties Sorted

Let’s talk about how fast time can fly when you have young children. Birthdays seem to come around faster and faster. This can make the birthday party one of the most difficult things to plan; it doesn’t help that kids grow up quickly and before you know it, they’ve outgrown what they used to enjoy when they were younger, so a themed birthday party is almost out of the question.

Luckily, we’re to the rescue with High Altitude parties! We’ve noticed that parents can find it difficult to think of, organise and host their kid’s birthday parties, which is why we thought we’d provide you with the opportunity to have your child’s party at a huge trampoline park with all the extras that make a great party, such as food, music, games, a party host, invites to all their friends and more.

One Last Thing

See, High Altitude isn’t just for the kiddos. Even if you’re after just one hour to relax with a coffee in hand, then we invite you to come on down.

If we’ve convinced you to join us, you can go to our website where you can check out our timetable to plan your next visit. You can also head over to our Parties page for more information on those. Whatever you decide, we hope to see you soon.