Why You Should Host a Trampoline Park Birthday Party For Your Child

Kids’ birthdays can be difficult. You, of course, want to throw your child a fun birthday party that they will love and hopefully remember as the ‘best birthday party ever!’

If that wasn’t pressure enough, it’s not just the birthday girl or boy you have to worry about, but all of their party guests, then the parents of these guests need to be told of the party plan, dates need to be organised, the kids’ party food needs to suit everyone’s dietary requirements, you have to try and predict the weather, and the list goes on and on and on.

You’ll soon realise that choosing to organise your child’s birthday party has got to be up there with some of the worst decisions you’ve ever made.

Have you ever thought about having your kid’s birthday party at a trampoline park?

A Unique Kids Party Idea 

In today’s world, there’s so much available to children, so much so that any kids birthday party idea you come up with runs the risk of falling flat on its face.

Having a trampoline party is one sure-fire way to stand out from the crowd. Your child will be the most popular at school and within their friend groups, as every kid enjoys a session at High Altitude Trampoline Park.

Not only will your child and their friends love the idea, but so will the parents of the party guests, it’s a win/win/win.

Children’s Party Food Sorted 

A big pain point for parents when planning and organising a party is the food. It’s such an important part of any type of party or celebration.

We all know how fussy kids can be when it comes to food, so putting together a menu for your kid’s birthday party is nearly impossible. But when you have your party at High Altitude, the food and drink side of things is sorted for you.

A trampoline park birthday party with us means you get the option to pick what food you want for your child and guests. You pick it, we’ll prepare and serve it. Choose from:

  • Pizza & garlic bread (toppings options: pepperoni, Margherita, or both)
  • Hot dogs & chips
  • Sandwich platter (fillings options: ham, cheese, jam, chocolate spread)

As we said earlier, food AND drink are sorted with unlimited squash for all party jumpers! There are also tasty extras you can add to your party package.

  • Sweet cones
  • Party slush
  • Tray of chips
  • Tray of chicken nuggets 

With all this taken care of, what do you have to do as the parent of the birthday girl or boy? All you need to worry about is the cake – make/buy one you know your kid will love and we’ll prepare a slice for everyone.

Perfect For Last-Minute Bookings

Hey, we get it, life moves pretty fast, especially where your children are concerned. Before you know it, their next birthday is fast approaching; you could have sworn it hasn’t been a year already. Sound familiar?

If you’re stressing that your kid’s birthday is on its way and you have no party plan, don’t worry too much as there are plenty of options out there.

One is a trampoline park party. With High Altitude, you don’t have to book your party years or multiple months in advance, we just ask for enough reasonable time to be able to plan and set up your party.

As most of our parties take place during regular bounce sessions, it’s likely that we can fit your party crew in on a day that suits you. If you’d like to make a last-minute party booking, speak to our team by clicking here

Kids Birthday Party Packages

At High Altitude, we break our parties into different categories and then offer you a choice of packages. Find the perfect one for the best birthday party ever.

For children over the age of four, we offer the following packages, ideal for planning a kids party on a budget:

  • Classic Party

Full party package + 1-hour jump time 

From £16.95 pp, a minimum of 10 party people 

  • Ultimate Party 

Full party package + 2-hour jump time 

From £21.95 pp, a minimum of 10 party people 

  • Exclusive Party

Full party package + exclusive park hire 

From £18 per person, a minimum of 20 party people 

For toddler birthday parties, we have the perfect package:

  • Tots Party

Full Tots party package + 1 hour jump time 

From £12.95 per toddler, a minimum of 6 mini party people 

We even cater for children with special educational needs. We provide them with an enjoyable birthday party that suits their complex requirements.

  • SEN Party

Full party package + 1-hour jump time 

From £16.95 pp, a minimum of 10 party people 

  • Exclusive Party

Full party package + exclusive park hire 

From £18 per person, a minimum of 20 party people 

So if you want to throw the best birthday party for toddlers or provide a party experience like no other for your SEN child, High Altitude is the go-to party venue in Norwich.

An Active Party

With all the technology available to kids in today’s world, it’s important that we, as parents, do our part to try and get our kids more active.

Your child’s upcoming birthday is a great opportunity to do just that. Not just for your kids, but their friends, too, which we’re sure will make you very popular with the other parents.

Trampolining offers so many advantages for children; it’s a great form of exercise and gets them out of the house and on their feet. To find out more on this, check out our earlier blog post: Benefits of Trampolining

Have a Themed Party

What’s your child’s latest obsession? Peppa pig or Disney princesses, perhaps? Maybe, they’re crazy about football or obsessed with everything Marvel. Well, when you choose to have a trampoline park birthday party at High Altitude, you can decide on the theme.

Of course, with a trampoline park party, the trampolines are the star of the show, but if a theme is what you want for your child’s birthday celebration, we will do our best to help you out with that.

At previous parties, we’ve had a web-slinging visit from Spiderman himself. At one of our toddler birthday parties, the tots were visited by a friendly Jurassic dinosaur who joined them for a little bit of bouncing fun.

Themed birthday parties are a great way to create a personal, unique and fun birthday party for your kid.

The Easy Choice For Parents 

Sometimes, parents just need an easy and stress-free birthday party provider; someone who can make the day special for their child on the joyous occasion that is their birthday.

Here are some reasons why a trampoline park party is a favourite birthday celebration for kids.

  • Booking a party with us means you will receive easy-to-send downloadable party invites to all of your guests
  • If you’re planning a kids party on a budget, a trampoline park birthday party is an affordable option that guarantees value for money
  • We cater to all children – have your toddler birthday party here or a party for your SEN child
  • Bouncing is thirsty work, which is why all party guests receive unlimited squash included in your package
  • An indoor birthday party means you don’t have to worry about the weather
  • We have so many amenities that are included in the price of your chosen party package, such as the use of our inflatable assault course, huge airbag, wall-to-wall trampolines and shoot-’em-up basketball hoops

In Conclusion

Thinking of different birthday party ideas for kids is no easy task, but we always strive to be an affordable and bounce-tacular option to consider.

If your child has never had a birthday party at a trampoline park, then they’re seriously missing out. Previous partygoers of ours have had so much fun celebrating a birthday with us, and we love having them here!

For more information on all of our parties, visit the party pages on our website – Over 4’s PartiesTots PartiesSEN Parties

To book a High Altitude Trampoline Park birthday party, speak to our team today.